Why EuroChique?

image by Jordi Labanda

image by Jordi Labanda


I have been contemplating the idea of starting my blog for a while now. Finally, I decided to put thoughts into action so to speak, and here I am in the blogosphere. Aside from being passionate about my career and writing, I have always been fascinated with unusual make-up, fashionable clothes, unique furniture and home accessories. I am obsessed with the latest trends and always aim to stay current.

I believe that it’s not what you wear, but it’s how you put it together! That is what makes you unique! And this is what style is about, right?!

My European background and culture have a lot to do with my taste in fashion, and therefore my style. Although I have lived in the U. S. for about seven year now, I often hear people tell me: “How come Europeans always have the coolest stuff?

Well let me explain about that further through my blog posts…


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