Sassy Bash in the City


Girls night, cocktails and shopping! What more can you wish for?!

That is how my friend and I spent just a regular Thursday night. It was our first time to attend a Sassy City Chicks Fashion Bash, and we definitely didn’t know what to expect – a casual gathering of vendors and booths where shoppers try to snap the best deals or a slightly upscale event for fashionistas who are looking for new trends? I would say a little bit of both.

The deals were definitely worth the drive from San Diego to L.A., and I found some items to die for. Just a few of my favorites: Rock & Republic, Hudson, Ella Moss and Sole Society. The items varied from shoes, jewelry and accessories to jeans, cute skirts and dresses. My only discontent with some of the vendors was that they carried what appear to be the most popular sizes—four to six. It was extremely hard to find a zero or an X-Small garment—if I did, it looked more like a regular two to four. Nonetheless, the shopping was still on!

If you are a shopaholic like myself, slip in a pair of comfy shoes, get ready to hustle and arm yourself with patience! Lastly, I would advise you to bring some cash, in case you decide to bargain for a better deal! Have fun!

Sassy City Chicks is coming next to San Francisco on Thursday, April 7, 2011, followed by Chicago on May 19.

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