Welcome to Motherhood

I would like to dedicate this section to my son and to every mom out there.

Let me tell you, I am quite passionate about fashion blogs, lifestyle magazines and anything trendy, but my major role for now is being full-time mom. I would love to crack blog posts every day, but often I need to substitute that with a baby birthday party or a few loads of laundry. Have you ever taken a little longer in the shower just to take a break and enjoy some quiet time? … That’s what I thought! And it’s okay, I am not afraid to admit it. I know that I am not the only one, and I also know that those of you who are moms will probably relate to this.

Yet, no matter how crazy a day can get, a smile from my baby boy is sufficient for me to feel better and forget about his mischief!

Please, meet Philip, born on June 3, 2010.

Philip & mom

Philip at the beach

One thought on “Welcome to Motherhood

  1. I absolutely do take those extra few minutes in the shower! I love my son so much, but those quiet moments help me remember what I love about the not-quiet. 😉

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