A Peek Inside My Purse

I’ve always had a preference towards larger handbags although the rule states that petite women should carry smaller purses. I love having a few items handy and I never leave the house without them. That’s why a nice tote is a must-have in my closet! There will be plenty of space for a notebook or iPad, your daily makeup products, as well as a couple other random items. Now, take a look at the items I always like to have in my bag.

Aside from smart tech devices, I love big wallets that fit just about anything. This Ted Baker one below is my favorite wallet of all times! It’s beautiful and pretty unique, and has got me quite a few compliments every times I take it out. The next item – a French perfume, Diptyque Philosykos, is a signature smell I recently discovered. It is on the strong side, but I usually save it for special occasions. A bold lipstick is another beauty must-have. The best part is that with a bright lip you can get away with minimal makeup. Speaking of beauty, every girl knows that a nice pair of sky-high heels always stands out! That’s why you need to do your feet a favor and try Compeed, a new solution for relieving blister pain instantly. The Blister Cushions featured bellow have hydrocolloid technology that fits like a second skin and stays on all day long. Lastly, my selfie stick has got me covered at work events, social outings and family time.

What do you carry in your bag?

5 Daily Items

5 Daily Items

Bright lipstick

Bold Lipstick: Marc Jacobs


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