About Me

Hello, world, and thanks for stopping by!

Since you hit the About Me section, you would probably like to know a little more about the author of this page. So, here are the highlights:

Name: Antonia Genov

Occupation: PR & Social Media Specialist, blogger, full-time mom and wife

Expertise: New trends in social media and mobile technology; PR for B2B and B2C clients; non-profit sector

Education: B.A. in Journalism with Emphasis of Public Relations from San Diego State University

Background: Born and raised in Bulgaria, fluent in four languages (Bulgarian, English, Russian and Spanish), passionate about everything European, currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada after spending 10 years in beautiful San Diego, California.

Likes: Coffee, shoes, sweet deals, home designs, lifestyle magazines, lop-eared bunnies, lemondrop martinis, cool mobile technology

Leisure: Walks on the beach, travel, shopping, baby play dates, special events

Above, I just revealed only a few interesting facts about my life. The rest you will hopefully learn by following my blog! Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! If you are interested in my professional background, feel free to check me out on LinkedIn =)

Thank you for visiting my page!



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