Multipurpose Shapewear From No Nonsense

Let’s talk shapewear! To all my curvy girls who know what a pain is to look for the perfect shapewear – I finally found it! As a mom of two kids I can tell you that sporting a bodycon dress isn’t as easy anymore. You know, these super tight dresses that show every detail, I mean defect of your body. Ever since I had kids, I must admit I’ve always felt more comfortable wearing tummy control shapewear. Although with so many styles and brands out there it might be daunting to find the right one. Some either go too high, which makes them visible above your pants or skirt while others show really harsh panty lines, which isn’t flattering at all.

With the No Nonsense Seamless Slip Short you won’t have either one of these issues. It is a really light short that flatters your natural shape without compression or visible lines. Better yet, it is no different than short leggings, which makes it quite versatile. In fact, below you can see two ways you can wear it – as part of your outfit and simply as underwear. The short comes in two colors – black and nude. Not to mention that it only costs $10. Basically for the price of both colors you can barely buy one piece of shapewear from any other brand. I hope you give it a try and let me know how you like it!

Until then, ‘Ciao’. 🙂

This post has been sponsored by No Nonsense.